My name is Sian Robson and I am the designer and creator of Velodramatic products. I am a keen cyclist and I feel strongly about reducing the volume of waste sent to landfill by reusing and recycling items. I enjoy quirky cycle accessories (as you can see from my bike above!) and was inspired to start up Velodramatic after coming across other recycled bicycle products. I thought it was a great way to create something beautiful and functional from what would otherwise be thrown away. My husband has worked in the cycle industry for many years so together we think of ways that I can use parts of bikes to create interesting accessories!


I established Velodramatic in late 2016 and am building it up alongside my day job and various other hobbies!  I am based in Edinburgh, Scotland and try to use local businesses and sustainably sourced materials as much as possible for the additional items I use, such as packaging for the products.

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